Learn what our Catholic and Christian suppliers have to say about our proccesses here at McVan. We thrive to offer the best support to our religious suppliers.  

EWTN Religious Catalogue

"With 15+ years of working with Catholic suppliers and wholesalers, I am confident to suggest that McVan would rank as one of the top 5 in the country. The McVan Team, has always exhibited a work ethic that is beyond reproach. They treat their customers as business partners and friends. They encourage creativity and new ideas yet are always cautious of the financial results for all parties. The basics of a supplier to meet the needs of retailers can be summarized with: 

1) Outstanding products
2) Good inventory levels
3) Excellent customer service
4) Competent and aggressive sales force
5) Partnering with retailers for a profitable situation for both

I would give McVan an “A+” on all of these."

Patsy Andrews
General Manager 

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Shrine Gift Shop

"We have been doing business with McVan for the last 20 years. I have always found their staff to be willing to go the extra mile for us. McVan’s exceptional next day shipping policy for special orders is a great attribute not always common in our business. I would recommend McVan to anyone who’s looking for a vendor that works with them as part of their team. Try McVan for yourself, you’ll be glad you did!"

Pat Fieser
Catalog Manager


National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette

"Our organization has been working with McVan Inc. for many years. Over the past 5 years I have had the privilege of working directly with them. As one of our top 5 suppliers, McVan always provides us with fast, courteous and excellent customer service. They are open to new ideas and do what they can to make sure we are successful. I would highly recommend McVan Inc. to anyone in the business." 

Cheryl Laliberte
Retail Operations Manager

Benet Hill Monestery

“Always willing to help me select the right product, even when I call I receive nothing but great customer service!”

Eileen Beuler


Joyful Spirit Gifts

“In my experience, you are extremely responsive and dependable, which makes you an excellent first call when I need something delivered quickly.”

Meg Rydzewski


Pro Multis Media

“When it came to needing custom rosaries, my sales rep was a dream to work with - very professional and friendly. Never get a machine when I call.”

Betty Arnold


The Catholic Gift Shop

“You guys ROCK. Very sensitive to our needs, ability to be flexible and work with us. I suspect you will be taking great gobs of market share going forward.”

Tom Mullooly


World Merchantry

“I can depend on their products being good quality at a good price. My Sales Rep is really awesome at listening to my product suggestions and I really get the sense that she’s really listening to me and not because I'm the customer. McVan Customer Service is really One of the Best Out there. I know I'm not a big buyer with McVan but I am still treated like I am. Never stop offering GREAT Customer Service, it makes a difference. I Love My Sales Rep!”

Mary Babaz

St. Benedict Catholic Store

“McVan is more than just a vendor to us. We really feel like everyone at McVan from top to bottom works harder than most to make the company stand out, so we are avid supporters and always eager to try to help be a part of your team as buyers. We appreciate how hard you all work in this market of lukewarm providers and hope to see you continue to grow!"

Stephanie McIntyre

Holy Family Books & Gifts

“Very good customer service! Nice product selection. Prompt shipments. Will ship directly to customer. Nothing but good things to say about McVan!”

Debbie Henley

Shrine of St. Anthony Gift Shop Customer

“I bought one of your beautiful cherry crucifixes during a visit to the Shrine of St. Anthony gift shop in Ellicott City, MD. I was then able to have it blessed after Mass at a nearby church. (“What a beautiful crucifix!” said Monsignor as he blessed it.) It is just the right size to hold in one’s hand to contemplate the crucified Christ, which we discussed in a retreat session I attended at the Shrine. The fact that it is made in the USA is delightful to me. It is a wonderful souvenir of a place I love (the Shrine), and a deeply meaningful addition to my spiritual life. Thank you for your splendid products.”

Kimberley H.

St Benedict's Catholic Store

“We are proud to be a part of the McVan family. In a world of vendors who simply no longer care about quality and customer service, McVan stands above it all and allows us to provide only the best in solid Catholic merchandise, handcrafted in the USA. There is no better company to work with in this industry, and our store is great because of them. Honestly, I don't think we'd still be here without them. Thank you, McVan family!"